silver galleon press

Silver Galleon Press is centered on characterizing books as tactile sculptural objects capable of disseminating large bodies of text and imagery. The content is culled primarily from the Internet in the form of public domain, open source and pirated texts. Most titles are printed very cheaply using a used but dependable consumer grade Epson printer with low cost generic ink and are bound by hand using a variety of traditional methods emphasizing a swift and economical handmade aesthetic. The press is mobile and available to visit institutions for workshop, lectures and performative instant publishing.


How To Own Certain Works By Famous Artists For Cheap.  – Exhibited at threewalls, Chicago, Transformer, Washington DC and Luminary, St. Louis as part of a modest occupation, organized by Abigail Satinsky.


Hocking a multiple Frozen Assets (edition of 15) “at” the Medium Cool book fair. They went fast! Ice multiple 2013 #blizzardball